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Information System is the combination of hardware, software, and communication network created to collect, manage and distribute useful data, information and knowledge in the organization context. Many organizations use information systems for many different purposes. In internal management, information systems will help to gain internal understanding, action unification, maintain the power of the organization, and achieve competitive advantage. For the external, information systems help to collect more information about customers, improves the service, enhance competitive capacity, and creates the conditions for the development. In the situation of the knowledge economy of the present and future time, the construction of robust Information Systems workforce to assist many other organizations is an indispensable requirement. Information Systems affect all employees working in many organizations, especially those working in the field of Information Technology. Applications of Information Technology in economic – social – administrative, financial, and commercial management systems in the real world have promoted the scientific formation of Information Systems engineering.

Information System Engineering programs

The Faculty has designed an undergraduate engineering program, which can educate students into people who have deep knowledge and strong skills in constructing and operating systems of information. Furthermore, the Information Systems Engineering program contributes to expanding the ability to do research, training and cooperation in the field of Information Systems toward domestic and foreign organizations and researching center. Engineering programs in Information System help students master knowledge about information systems, ranging from the basic to the highly specialty in order to meet society’s needs in information technology research, development and applications. More details are as following:

  • Basic knowledge and deep expertise in information systems in order to help students continue studying at the higher educations.
  • Analysis, design skills and build up information system for economic management, administration, service and e-commerce systems
  • The ability to deploy an information systems
  • The ability to work as a specialist in information technology

Career opportunities for graduates

Graduates will work at various areas such as large and potential corporations, education institutions, government institutions, and financial institutions as computer experts. They usually find their jobs as the following positions:

  • Analysis, design, installation, testing and maintaining IT projects, satisfying different application demands of organizations and business (Administration, bank, telecommunication, aviation, building, etc).
  • IT researchers in the research centers of many ministries, universities and colleges, IT teachers at high schools, colleges and universities.
  • Chief information officers, project managers, database managers.
  • Working as a project designer, IT development policy planner or programmer in the domestic foreign enterprise producing, processing software, and consultancy firms promoting solutions, building and maintaining IT projects.