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The Faculty of Information Systems was founded in 2006, at the same time as the University of Information Technology. The expectations for education and scientific research in the field of information technology are satisfied by the teaching team, which includes respected professionals. There are currently 28 primary lecturers on the teaching staff, including 1 Professor Ph.D., 01 Associate Professor Ph.D., 6 Ph.Ds., 18 Masters, as well as lecturers who participate in professional activities in the faculty, and are invited from reputable domestic and international universities. The faculty comprises three departments: the Department of Management Information Systems, the Department of Intelligent Information Systems, and the Department of E-Commerce.

Faculty of Information Systems – University of Information Technology – VNU-HCM

The objectives of the Faculty of Information Systems are to develop the IT sector and human resources. The Faculty offers top-notch educational programs that are in line with the demands of the information systems labor market. The University of Information Technology’s Faculty of Information Technology was the first faculty to receive recognition from the ASEAN University Network in 2017 for meeting the accreditation requirements for AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance). This is a set of criteria that emphasizes thorough evaluation of the training program on many different levels, including output standards, program framework, teaching staff, facilities, etc., quality assurance, and connections between schools, students, and businesses to guarantee the quality of the entire training program.

Ph.D. Minh Duc DUONG – Vice Dean of the faculty of Information Systems obtained the AUN-QA Accreditation Certificate in 2017.

With consistent efforts over the years, the Faculty of Information Technology was honored to receive the Third Class Labor Medal (in 2019), as well as numerous emulation flags and certificates of excellence from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam National University, and the National University of Information Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. That is the motivation for the Faculty of Information Technology to continue to carry out our mission and vision in the future.


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