Khoa Hệ thống thông tin


1. Undergraduate Programs

Currently, the Faculty of Information Systems, University of Information Technology, VNU-HCM, is in charge of training two majors: Information systems and E-commerce.

  • Training Bachelor of Information Systems with solid political qualities, a sense of discipline, and professional ethics; receiving basic training and in-depth knowledge of information systems; and meeting the requirements of research, development, and application of information technology in society. They have the ability to build information systems for economic, administrative, and service management; they also have the ability to consult and perform duties as experts in the field of information technology. Graduates of the Information Systems major work in the following positions: programmers, system analysts, researchers, lecturers, project managers,…
  • Training Bachelor of E-Commerce with in-depth knowledge and skills in E-commerce to solve current business and management problems. They have the ability to organize and develop information technology applications to support activities of electronic transactions, commerce, e-business, authentication, and safety in electronic transactions. They also have the ability to plan, deploy, and manage e-commerce activities at enterprises as well as at state agencies; research and transfer advanced technologies in IT into e-commerce, especially towards applications, in order to contribute to promoting industrialization and modernization of the country.


2. Graduate Programs

The Master of Information Systems education program is built and implemented to provide highly qualified Information Systems resources that have good political, ethical, and health qualities, hold basic knowledge of professional and specialized information systems, and have the ability to organize and develop information technology applications to support operational and management activities in economic and social organizations.

The Master of information systems education program has three types of programs:

  • Research Master Education Program
  • Research-oriented Master Education Program
  • Application-oriented Master Education Program